Recognize this face: This is Kate Spade. Fashion designer was found dead.


Recognize this face: This Kate Spade. 

I was just made aware of this by a friend. Of course it breaks my heart. 

I think we will turn blue in the face before anyone will take mental illness seriously. YES, it’s he ones that are not obvious, that has a smile on their faces and that does not talk about it. Because, you’ll be stronger person not to talk about it. Especially if it’s mental health. If you talk about it “here she goes again talking about her crazy. Everyday hundred or thousands lose their lives from this horrible illness. I don’t have the facts as to numbers. 

The context to be followed are not mine. It’s from CNN;

Apparent suicide: Kate Brosnahan Spade, 55, hanged herself with a scarf in an apparent suicide at a New York City apartment Tuesday, according to a NYPD source.

Her life’s work: Spade was the founder of fashion line Kate Spade.

Read more: We will be gathering reactions from around the world below.

NYPD won’t comment on content of suicide note

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea gave more details today about Kate Spade’s death, calling it a “tragic case of apparent suicide.”

He added that there was a note left at the scene.

Here’s a summary of what Shea said:

“At about 1010 hours this morning in the confines of the 19th precinct, members of the 19th precinct responded to an address on Park Avenue. It appears to be, at this time, a tragic case of apparent suicide, but it is early in the investigation. There was a suicide note left at the scene. I’m not going to get into the contents of that note, but that appears to be the sum total of what it is at this point. We still have detectives on the scene, it’s still a fairly fresh incident.”

“She was discovered by the housekeeper”

“At this point, there was a note left. The content of that note, as well as the physical state of the apartment and the comments of the witness, lend to the credibility that it is an apparent suicide, but we’ll go from here and continue to look into the incident. In terms of contents of the note or communication with some members of the family, I’m not going to get into that.”

2:35 p.m. ET, June 5, 2018Former fashion editor: Kate Spade


My Mental Memoirs

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