Doctor’s Order!! Have you been exercising lately?


Doctor’s orders… have you been exercising lately. Is it easy? Do I feel great afterwards? I’m proud I got out the house. Something I enjoyed so much is becoming a challenge. Not impossible but a challenge due to pain. Think about the long term benefits. It gets better!

Things changes with age, health & circumstances. Don’t allow that to be your stop sign. Go slow, go at your pace, allow your body to be introduce to different type of exercises. Before you know it, you will be surprise what you can accomplish and more. 

However, base on on situation, you can actually hurt yourself, or worse injure yourself. Put your body out commission for a long time. A body in motion stay in motion, right?

Might I add, when I’m done working out. I’m hurting, I’m stiff. Why? I’m suppose to feel better afterwards, right? Yes, I should. If you suffer from joints or fibromyalgia any sort of illnesses that could put you at risk to get injured. Choose wisely, there’s plenty types of exercises you can do without putting too much pressure on your joint or whatever parts of your body that’s ill. Stretch before and after, always. Be easy on yourself yet set challenges everyday. 

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