Dear Diary: Unapologetically Bipolar & Everything Else

C114402C-AA50-4283-AC02-28CF00DCF1E5Hi My name is Herline, you can call me Lina. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2012. As time passes, with every other doctor visit I was getting a new diagnosis it seems like. Which some are chronic fatigue syndrome, Arthritis. In addition I’ve had Mental Illness Disorder all my life however was not properly diagnosed until I was 28. I’m diagnosed with Bipolar, Panic disorder, major depression disorder, anxiety, & PTSD. It has been such a challenge living with all of chronic debilitating illnesses what seems to be most of my life. I have experienced many relating other health issues that are not mentioned. Such as; Hyperthyroidism With Grave Disease… etc…. I’m a warrior, still I stand and continue to fight. I never allowed any of my disorders to define me. However, at the age of 38  with 3 beautiful children I continue to fight for them, as encounter and experiences many barriers. The struggle is real!! I have fallen many times, I get up. When you stay down that’s when you fail. Failure is not an option. This war is far from being over. I’m a warrior. Will I stumble or fall again? Yes. Will I stay down? No? The fight must go on. 

My Mental Memoirs

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