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I educate through story telling; MY Story! Experience outweighs the text book information when it come to others that can relate. As well as letting know they are not alone. The textbook Since I was taken off Cymbalta which a medication treatment for Depression and Fibromyalgia, I have been dealing with double sam alone with so many other things. Focusing on these two culprits.

I have been in the dump not only with pain, but with withdraw symptoms. In addition with dealing with effects of stress. So much plays into an overall health of a person. There’s no quick fix. However, with proper healthy eating and rest and exercise you can help yourself. Easier said then done, I don’t know anyone who’s been hit by a car and goes off to go on with his/her exercise routine.

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That’s how it feels to me when experiencing flare up, inflammation of an autoimmune illness. If you don’t already have any relating mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and such. It found that when a person emus experiencing severe pain it has a reaction on the person’s mental health. So you can see how the tow can relate.

STIGMA; fibromyalgia is not noticeable illness because you’re not in a wheel chair. Others will be quick to judge, it’s not a real illness. Some will say; everyone experiences pain!🤦🏽‍♀️ DON’T JUDGE; RATHER STAY IN THE KNOW.


My Mental Memoirs

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