Need to disconnect

I need to disconnect. Music by: clean bandit & Marina &The diamonds.

How many of us feels like this at times. Or feel like that too often. I thought this song would reflect a lot of warriors of Mental Health out there struggling to stay connected. Connected to ourselves, our own being and the world.

The reality of it, it gets overwhelming very quickly and can’t find our way back up. Our way out, is to disconnect in every way possible.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month. My fellow warriors, fight and keep fighting. I know during this month a lot of us will lose the fight against our own demons.

Awareness can prevent so much. It’s all about prevention. Awareness can save lives. We are not freaks in a freak show. We just wired differently!

Please raise more awareness. It only starts with the person you are friend’s with that’s suffering, yet you’re not aware

My Mental Memoirs

2 thoughts on “Need to disconnect

  1. Toni Jacobs says:

    I understand completely this need to disconnect. Even though situations may be different, needs can still be the same . I listened to the song in your blog and found it absolutely amazing 😢. In a beautiful way because it was liberating ! Words were put to paper saying exactly what my feelings are . It felt good to let it out 💥! Thank you so much Lina . Make sure to continue to hold on tight so we can finish this race 👍🏽❤️

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