Just once; I want To Dance With My Father; Just once

No childhood memories of him to treasure

Few stories I was told but they bring back no memories. I yearned for the truth of what really happened to his presence.

I felt a connection even not knowing of the unknown story. My guts would tell me he’s at the payphone by the corner store and there he was. Never ever even as woman I stop yearning for daddy.

The day came, we connected, communicated everything I’ve ever wanted, closeness we built

Nothing mattered from this point I’m still the little girl and she has her daddy

One night, that one night, 3 Am 7 months pregnant.

The call came, he was gone. I didn’t flinch neither did my heart

I couldn’t process, “gone” where,why would he go?

Not the first, but the second. The second heart attack! My heart breaks! My heart stop when his heart stopped.

He’s gone! I lost him again just when I’ve found him. It’s not fair, it’s not right. Time is the essence. That time has come to say goodbye until we see each other again in paradise I pray and have the hope.

As he laid, I saw my reflection the picture of me of why I’m hated by my conceiver

He was beautiful, chocolate silk skin beautiful face no aged line and dark shiny hair as the skyline.

I never thought of him as perfect man

Loving caring funny uncle I learned he was

Loving caring closeness his next of kin shared with tears down her cheeks my aunt his best-friend.

So I’ve hear and so I’ve heard

I wanted to know and experience for myself because he was mine.

I was baby, I was his last, I was his little girl yearning for him. Still I yearn for him. Still I love all the unknown and the love he gave to others.

I wanted his love, I need his love.

Just one, Just once; I would want to Dance with my father. Just once.

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