Actress Jennifer Lewis: One Of The Many Faces Of Mental Health In Hollywood..

Actress Jennifer Lewis, give her tips on taking care of yourself with Mental Health. After watching the video, please continue to read as I point out the importance to take care of yourself.

Why is it important to take care of yourself living with Mental Health.

As a patient and advocate, I am no stranger in knowing how hard it is to have self care. I’m not only speaking of the outer person. In contrary, it’s the inner self that’s most important to pay attention to.

Have hope. Have hope in something better and greater. Have hope for betterment of understanding even for better care.

It’s crucial to feed yourself with positivity to prevent the negativity to have room to come in. Easier said than done! Yes it is. Try, yes you must give it your all. Because if you don’t, this illness will own you and will be you. You are not Mental Illness, you have a mental illness.

Your environment, your surrounding counterparts. Are they contributing to helping managing your illness? Or, are they triggers? Are they contributors of setback with managing in combination with your treatment?

You have to evaluate your situation. You must do it continuously as we experience different phases of the illness. As everyone diagnosis are not a “one size fits all”. As the stigma continues!

Most importantly, I’ve found it’s very important to educate yourself of your diagnosis. When you meet with your Mental Health team consisting of your Psychiatrist & your psychologist. Ask questions to understand as much as you can of your psychosis. Learn about your medications. Keep an open and honest conversation with your doctors.

At the end of the day, they are doctors that are there to assist you. Assist you in managing your medications and providing you with useful tools to utilize, in order to be functional to at least a measure in life.

You are the biggest and strongest asset to managing your mental health. Self advocate, you are living in that body and have to live with that mind all your life. Advocate and speak of what goes on in there. If you speak up, you can be helped, If you don’t, you don’t give anyone a choice to help you or not.

No. It’s not going to be like this everyday, where those things are achievable without a battle. Battles, we win some, we lose some. That’s why you’re a Mental Health warrior! You have to continue to fight. And know when it’s time to stay low. It’s ok not to be ok everyday. It’s ok to have a bad day.

Believe it or not, acknowledging, knowing to let go and let be, is a strength, and far from being a weakness. At times, your mind is just not going to cooperate. Take that time to use your tools the best you know how. Ask for help to keep you safe. The rest, hey! Until that phase is over. Time is on your side.

There’s so much more I could speak on this topic at this time. However, it’s a complex and misunderstood illness/disorder. So, we take it one day at a time. From moment to moment if we have to.

My Mental Memoirs

@ May- Mental Health Awareness Month 2018.

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