My Thoughts On “Kanye West vs. Van Lathan: What to know about the rapper’s critic”

Controversial Topic;

How Many people, believe this was an underlying Mental Health issue or in the word of Kanye “A Breakthrough”.

Interestingly, I actually like the label he gave his moment. Because I’m my experience when I go through a breakdown it is a moment of breakthrough. A moment of being on the other side and just being and being whoever or whatever. When you do comeback from that breakdown or “breakthrough” something else happens. You could come back with clearer thoughts and see a better direction for moving forward.

How many of us, suffering with Mental illness or in the mental health community saw something much deeper than his words. I have been in that place many times. Simply ranting and strongly believe in what’s coming out of my mouth. In my head it makes sense and I want everyone to see it how I see it in my head.

However, all the ranting came from a deep place of love, of careness and passion. I could go on and on. But, I will respect this is matter that’s very sensitive and involving very other sensitive topics. For me, I see the focus of Mental Health Disorder. As it Mental Health awareness Month.

Will this topic, or this controversy with Kanye West comments will bring awareness?


Kanye West vs. Van Lathan: What to know about the rapper’s critic
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