Emotions, Emotions Emotions! Why do we have them, if we can’t or allowed to feel them?


We live in a world, where emotions are almost unacceptable to have, to show or express.  Human emotions have to take a back seat. We live in a fast moving world. We don’t have time feel the emotions that goes along with our actions. Everything that we do, day in day out. Moment to moments, emotions are involved. 

How do we give those emotions boundaries, when we never take time to evaluate those emotions? Yes, yes, emotions need boundaries because express all the emotions we feel in the same scenarios. 

Emotions are a positive things that we born with. It’s very appropriate to have them, they make us human. 

However, emotions can turn negative very quickly and very dangerous if we don’t take time to feel and process those emotions. Your health could rapidly deteriorate if you don’t give attention to your emotions. 

Whether you are diagnosed with a Mental Health Disorder or not. If you have blood running through your veins, if you have a heart that’s pumping and beating around the clock. If you have a mind that process thoughts and you can reason to a degree. You are human with a mental being. 

Your Mental being can become ill just like the body. Your mind is part of your body which many forget to acknowledge. 

Take time to evaluate, feel and process your emotions. For better mind, body & soul overall health. 

I’m inviting everyone to make this a month and thereafter, where we bring awareness to Human Mentality.  To Human Mental Disorders, because it so matters. Today, it’s me and everyone that’s in the Mental Health community.  Our Mental being are ill. Tomorrow it may be you or a person you deeply love and care for that’s in the “norm community”! 

Let’s stop the judgment and the stigma and learn the reality of Mental Health Disorder. Its for me, you and everyone around the globe. Let’s make awareness be aware to be acknowledge, one day at a time.

My Mental Memoirs herlinefaustinamegbletor.com

See more of my Journals & Video blogs on my site in the upcoming days of relating topics.

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