Uncomfortable Happy Place

It has been close to two weeks now since I’ve been on my new medication. I’m gradually feeling better, not feeling depress. I have to will to wake up and take the day by the horn. Even if I’m affected by other chronic illness that may affects me.  9249EADE-40B1-473F-B10E-E6241EB82A09I feel good! Why do I feel guilty for being happy, for enjoying my children and the things I enjoy and love to do? Why do I feel like my natural high energy is creating negative vibes why do I feel like the world is starring at me weird? I feeling the world has a question mark on my forehead. “Wait a minute, wasn’t she depress no energy negative looking like her world was over”? 

Now, her energy is bouncing of the walls, that’s abnormal. She’s the complete opposite of who she was a few weeks ago.

Hellllllo World! I was in a prison inside me, I was in a cell looking from the inside out! I was caged in. Caged in and been looked at with a tilt head to the right. Now their head is looking at me with heir head tilt to the left. 

Here it goes folk; I have Bipolar I…Period. That’s my explanation no need to justify how I feel how I look what I do how I do. 

That uncomfortable happy place, Is temporary. Unfortunately, individuals that suffers from MH disorders don’t go on a long term vacation from their mind and their world. We enjoy the moments we treasure every life in every sense of the word living. Because the moments of simply returns and has no departure itinerary. Let’s get to know the reality of Mental Health and raise awareness.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

My Mental Memoirs

5 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Happy Place

  1. avonbeautyandmentalhealth says:

    Very true. The happy moments are so far and few between. Those are the times I tend to go crazy and try and do everything, but then when the negative stuff returns I get overwhelmed and sad and remember , “oh wait I’m depressed..gotta bring it back down now” :/

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