A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words Of Positivity


How about some positive updates 

The past week, have been about my negative withdrawal from Cymbalta. The positive of been off Cymbalta, is the switch to Wellbutrin. I’ve heard and researched that Wellbutrin is great antidepressant.

Well! There’s nothing great about anything that’s processed in the lab. Nevertheless, when you are Bipolar I With depression and the list goes on. Better count your blessings, when you find a medication that’s working with the loose noodles in your brain. 

Although, I’m not completely pass my withdrawal, by far. However, in the words of the queen B-Beyoncé! Im feeling myself… I wake up with the feeling and the will to look forward to the day. Waking up to look forward to a productive day.  Despite, other physical chronic pain I may be experiencing.

Change is good. At times, we are scared of changing to new things for many reasons. I for one I don’t like change, I prefer to have stability. Especially when something is working for me, I rather not change unless necessary. I.e. My MED team. I would guess that’s most people.

I love to travel, I love moving to different parts of the states and different part of the world. I’ve always been a free spirited person. With Wellbutrin, hopefully I can enjoy some traveling very soon as my health and my wallet permits. 

I’m glad I could report something positive to you. It’s so easy to remain the darkness, because we have so many of those moments. We get use to it.

My Mental Memoirs

4 thoughts on “A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words Of Positivity

  1. Patricia says:

    Hello Herline, I admire your candid and honest approach about Bipolar. Your blog will encourage a lot of people who feel that are alone dealing with the illness.

    Liked by 1 person

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