Where’s My Coffee!!! Very first thought every morning.. Not This morning! Part of Cymbalta withdrawal or not?

Waking up this morning, like every morning. Where’s my coffee, is my first thought. Not this morning. The only time, I went through that phase, with not wanting my coffee, my wake IV, is when I was pregnant with my daughter. Obviously, it didn’t last. Shortly after I gave birth, my first thought in the morning returned with a vengeance.  Where’s my coffee!!!!!?


For the past few days, I’ve had to make myself drink my coffee. I even forget about it, not having the desire for it. 

This morning, I didn’t wake up with that first thought of wanting my coffee. After all, it has been a ritual in my life. After I woke up my son, so he can get ready for school. I made my coffee. I took a sip and my tastebud rejected it. I still had faith in my tastebuds. I had hope it will change in a few mins or by the time I return home.

After an hour of ubering my son and friend daughter to school. I returned home with my tumbler full of coffee. I had no desire for another sip. I almost feel like my stomach took part of the rejection. Saying: “No No No No  No”! In the word of Destiny’s Child.s


Now what! I said to my self. I’m still very nauseous, irritated as a you know what! I’m hungry! Because I haven’t been able to eat but bites at a time. I needed a quick fix, a healthy one. I’m not putting my guards down just because Mr. Cymbalta has refuse to leave this body. Mr. Cymbalta still want all of this!

My quick fix was a single packet of EVO tuna, with crinkle of Himalayan pink salt.

It settled my stomach, surprisingly for now. I’m hoping this withdrawal episode passes very soon.

Until next time for update on my withdraw with Mr. Cymbalta. 

My Mental Memoirs

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