Update Of Withdrawal From Cymbalta….

Since I’ve been having symptoms of my withdrawal from cymbalta I’m always nauseous. As soon as I start to eat.. can’t take another bite.. With that said: here’s a nice mix Ceasar Salad no meat and little mix from another left over salad of mix vegetables. Top off with a little bit of cranberries and nuts and half of avocado. It took me awhile down that and I’m continuously in the bathroom and it’s not for #1.


Eat right,  healthy Food, healthy choices, healthy lifestyle, fit-life, love-yourself, love your body. Healthy Mental Health and Healthy eating goes hand in hand.

My Mental Memoirs

To Be cont’d

13 thoughts on “Update Of Withdrawal From Cymbalta….

  1. Brittany B says:

    Thank you too 💓 I haven’t had the surgery yet I’m waiting a couple of months to get my glucose levels better controlled, so i heal faster when I do have my surgery…. I’m doing alright they changed my medications I’m taking cymbalta now but I’m getting really bad anixety lately. And then the weather over here has been all over the place.

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  2. Brittany B says:

    Your right my pain doctor said the samething and it does help.. Yes new system please come… And my anxiety has been ugh, my psychiatrist said the reason thats happening is the weather since its been getting hot then cold.

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    • Herline Faustin Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      I don’t know much about abilify but use your coping mechanism for your anxiety. I know easier said than done. I have to tell my friends how to get me out of the house to do something enjoyable. I want to go once I’m out I’m fine. Getting out the house, I can come up with 50 excuses in 2,5 seconds

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