A New Trend Today- A New Trend every time I blink: Controversy topic? If you choose is it to be! IM WHAT’S TRENDING: ONGOING::RAW Let’s start a discussion right here!

A new Trend Today- A New Trend 3 months from now; Controversy topic? If you choose it to be!

The internet, is life now. It’s all about is what’s trending. 

We’re trending puppets for better lack of words. What’s trending is one of the reasons I choose not represent or promote any supplements.

Although!  I have tried many of them. Mhhh! Yes I have. There’s one of two that I like, but that’s another topic.

But I have represent and promote KETO which is and has been a trend for very long time. But has resurfaced just like the 90’s outfits you have in your closet. 

I Promote KETO because  its a life style that helps many who are diagnosed with many chronic illnesses. It has also helped others to discipline their healthy eating lifestyle as far as making healthier choices. I do believe in being “ketoliscious” that’s my signature name for it..Keep it Ketoliscious  as I call it. 

KETO: is a science. You can look Into by doing re search if you’re interested. My blog have so information and links. 

By blog is: My Mental Memoirs



Moving forward. I have realized in the spin of time that I have been KETO. “Ketolisciousnia” It has being a chore more than eating to live. 

I’m still carb conscious and always have been. I still choose to use some KETO products that I found to be very beneficial for me. 

For example: shakes, MCT powder and oil and ketogenic supplements. If you would like to share some all the ketogenics items I’ve used DM me or send me a comment on my site I’ll be more to share them.

KETO has helped me to heighten my healthy eating habits to a new level. 

Recently I openly spoke of what I believe to be a eating disorder. I published a journal on my site about it. Anyone that wants to check it out. This is my blog information: 

My Mental Memoirs



Moving on with some explanation of my eating disorder which I believe it to be relating to my mental health. However I ate Keto while I was binging. Although not a great thing, but it was better options. I’ve also made some bad options at lest it wasn’t all bad. Something I’m I. The process of addressing.

Now, for judgers of the world: “she doesn’t look like she’s lost any weight!? For those who wants to know if my journey with all my health issues for the past 3 years that I have been struggling with. I have come above and still in the struggle. Not many can claim that. I didn’t let go of my self I continuously stayed in the fight despite my barriers.

With all that say, live to eat. Don’t forget to make food fun and  delicious. Don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. Moderation is everything . I will continue to add healthy food choices on my site. Explore weekly or daily as I published on a regular basis.

Inspired by unknown

My Mental Memoirs

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