Disappointed; I’m Not Your Puppy!

Uh! You used the sweetest words to bait my heart, as if you were baiting a cute puppy. As you put a leash on to own what doesn’t belong to you.

Taking possession to play with your living toy, to fill your emptiness, to feed your ego, to be in control. Fetch! To your cute pup “go get it girl” you said..

You abandoned me all those days, without reaching out to me. Had me in tears thinking you found another.

I was the one, the only one. But you! you don’t want to be mine. You treat me like I’m desperate and make me beg for your attention.

Because of you, I started to open my heart again after being hurt so many times. To know that this the portrait of you. It is so disheartening. So disappointed!

My Mental Memoirs

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