Celebrate Rejections!

70EDFE9D-CCEE-4B6C-8F2C-D896FA29469ERejections! That word is such a negative word, it makes us feel emotions that we don’t want to feel. It makes us feel unworthy, unwanted.

At last, we find out the rejection was a situation that would put us in a very bad place in our lives. That door that closed in our face, was actually a trap, a trap that will cause unending pain.

we take a deep breathe, we say “thank you God”. If was not rejected, if that door did not close. I would’ve been in the wrong place, in the wrong situation even with the wrong person.

Sometimes we may have to experience those horrible emotions. That door may close in our faces, we maybe rejected by that person we want so much because, we want it to work so badly.

Why don’t we start looking at it, as an opportunity to avoid a bad situation. A protection, a blessing from the Almighty God.

My Mental Memoirs

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