Theater vs Reality

Everyday!. My reality, become more and more of a theatre more, than the dream I daydream of. Who doesn’t want a love like “The Notebook” and ends like “The Notebook”.

It’s hopeless. It’s pointless, to allow your mind to drift to romance like “The Notebook”.

It’s never like the movies, never like the stories in the book or the movies.

I pinch myself, as a way to discipline my mind. Reminders to make u-turn to my real world. The possibilities are endless and no high hopes. First comes the dream, then comes the wishes. Then the business arrangement and your John Hancock is what is mostly important.

The feelings inside, that quickly fades away. The Theater that quickly turn to a reality that’s more of a nightmare. You wake up and gasp for air. The thought “that is not what my John Hancock stamps for”.

I pray to the great God Almighty, to remove the string cords of my heart. The string that stroke so softly the lullaby of daydream. “Le theatre de champs Elise”

I pray for Life simple, living simply, going through day to day one day at a time. One minute at a time, to the realness of life.

7 thoughts on “Theater vs Reality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for speaking out on issues people deal with everyday. They can’t find the words to express their feeling so that others can understand them.

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  2. Paul Pierre says:

    I love the fact you can distinguish between fantasy and reality. Often time, some may not have a way to Express themselves. While, other trends to escape into the fantasy world of theater as a sort of way to escape reality. Television or rather theater can give us this since of reality in a perfect world, but most of us does not get the happy ending we seek.

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