Waking Up To The World

Bipolar, anxiety, uncertainty, drained mind, fear that doesn’t exist, feeling paranoid, no clarity, forgetfulness, foggy mind, want to just crawl under my sheets and shut my mind where there’s no expectations, no demands. Waking up to face the world. Not really!

Sometimes feels like there’s a stamp on your forehead saying “I’m an idiot” please come play with my feelings, have a heart that’s broken and barely put back together with adhesive.

Waking up everyday it’s not something we all look forward to, looking forward to uncertainty of heart racing all day being paranoid and pushing your mind to do something that is doesn’t want to do.. pushing your mind to be normal.

Why can’t it just be ok to wake up and allow myself to feel like myself and goes through the motion. I wake up my normal and just want to be my normal. When trying to be normal for others that’s when my normal become the stamp of idiotic on my forehead.

My Mental Memories

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