I Use To Buy Myself Flowers

I know that I’m special.

Flowers makes me feel special.

Some doesn’t love flowers, because they die.

I love flowers because they don’t die.

Flowers in actuality continues to live.

Flowers are delicate.

Flowers need the right amount of water.

Flowers needs much needed attention to bring out its beauty.

Flowers need to place in the right vase.

Flowers needs the right touch and arrangement to make it stand out

Flowers needs to be appreciated.

After some time of tender loving care.

After some time of watching the changes.

Every morning the smile it brings to your face.

The colors have the power to affect your mood

After a time it softly slowly fades.

It wrinkles like a beauty we fine in the aged ones.

Reviving is not so much an option yet there’s so many other choices.

That flower have so much more potential.

Flowers has life in the stem.

You get to pick another and start over.

Because the last one left undying memories.

Flowers never gets boring.

Flowers has endless choices.

Flowers has endless quality to appreciate, love and care for.

I love buying myself flowers because they are delicate, rare options and quality, endless in qualities.

Flowers depicts all that it stands to be like the picker. Me

My Mental Memoirs

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