Different Level Of Keeping Up With The Joneses

When people see their friends moving up in the world. They have the careers and families they categorize that as success. That can get others to feel depressed and feel like they failed, unaccomplished.

One man’s happiness is another man’s misery.

One man’s achievement is another man’s failure. One man’s success is another man’s devastation.

The deserted man doesn’t want to see another man smile; when someone smiles, it’s like his death. He has no aim to destroy.

He can’t hurt or control with words or actions.

Why can’t the Happy Man be happy for the Successful Man and the one that is an achiever?

They all have great things in their lives. I guess everyone has different levels of keeping up with the Joneses, but if you ask me, the Happy Man possesses the most precious gift.

2 thoughts on “Different Level Of Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. Toni Jacobs says:

    Very true ..also , looks are not always what they portray . Money doesn’t cure health issues, mansions don’t always house happy people and keeping up with the Joneses can be like chasing after the wind !

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