Her Name Is MS.B! Do You Know Her? BIPOLAR !

Ms B

You need experience and wisdom to deal with her.

Even then, you’ll never see her coming

You’ll never know what she has in store for you.

I have the experience and the wisdom to deal with her. One thing I’ve learned about Ms.B she always has a little surprise in store. It might be good it might be bad.

I know something about Ms.B she’s one but she yet two. She also has identical twin that’s within her shadow. Therefore, when you see one, but there’s really two. But her shadow is no secret.

One wise advise I can give you about Ms.B. Before you try to make peace with the world you need to make peace with her and especially her shadow.

If not both of them will not be peacemakers but peace disturbance in every sense and in every way in your life.

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