We are misunderstood; through ignorance. But we shine with our mental disorder.

we are often viewed as negative souls due to our chemical imbalance

We have a gift that comes with this Illness. We are able to empathize and sympathize with others on so many different levels.

Because of the ability to experience and enters many different worlds that others don’t understand. Imagine the light we can bring to so many people who are ignorant and close minded towards our illness.

We often are not given the opportunity to be known as individual as soon they know we have a mental disorder. However, the reality is our mind can’t even process thoughts many times when we are having an episode.

But, we love life, we shine on the days that we are well. We seized those days as opportunities as teaching moments to open other peoples eyes. Our friends or families and loved ones. Let’s help one another to accomplish this.

My Mental Memoirs

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