Keep Our Friends & Our Love Ones: Living With Mental Health Disorder

I hear very often in the mental health community, “I don’t have any friends, everyone deserted me”.

for one can say I don’t have the close friendships that I call my small circle of trust. I’ve lost them. Some I needed to dismiss, but lost the ones that were real friends to me. I get it, people change, circumstances change and people grow apart. Your real friends don’t want to be overwhelmed by worries all the time.

If you’re not in the mood you’re having a bad day.

Try talking to someone that’s more open minded, that understands our disorders. Someone that will not be overwhelmed, like someone who’s also has a disorder. Call the 24 hour hotline, for the state of Florida it’s: 211.

There’s online support groups join them. You will find out who deserves to be in your circle. Because, they will reach out to you and give you that opportunity to vent. If they are not you will also know. Because, they will never try to be open minded. They will learn more about you, in terms of your illness and how they can be helpful when you need them.

One thing I’ve learned, do not overwhelmed them with your pain, they will never understand in the degree you expect them to. Show them love by respecting their mental well being and their mental capacity. Just as we suffering from a horrible disorder. They too, are experiencing life difficulties and trials. What do I mean by that?

The fact that they can’t walk in your shoes, to them you are always complaining and it’s about the same thing over and over. Even if you’re talking about something different, that’s not what they hear. Therefore, they will not know how to help. In turn they will turn away or pull back slowly.

It’s hard to live some sort of a normal life without friends or a support system outside of social media. Even if you a loner, you don’t like people, whatever the case may be. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. Let’s try to turn this around. Coming from a patient perspective and one that has been through this too many times. You’re true friends will remain in your circle.

My Mental Memoirs

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