Keto Life Style & Intermitting Fasting

It does work, I have slacked some. How I do it: my last meal at 7 pm, first meal at one for me is a smoothing, and next and last meal at 7 or vice versa both healthy only berries for fruit in my smoothies or eat. Main meal has to be healthy low carb I aim for less 20 gram of carbs. No sugar only stevia or erythrol. I drink water coffee in the morning with MCT oil and grass fed cream.

I snack on nuts mainly almonds cashews. Best if you don’t snack. Every time you snack it spikes up your blood sugar. It’s not easy at first but it gets easier once your body get use to it. This works for me because I have thyroid issue which hormonal so my body does not metabolize fast enough to eat more than that. I’ve tried other ways as well.

My Mental Memoirs

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