The Woman & The Friend That I Am

3B07360A-A0EA-49D5-B84F-1A4B634DDDC5I’m imperfect but loyal. I don’t hold grudges but I get mad. I give what I would like to be given to me. I treat friends the way I would love to be treated. I become a family because I love like a family. I’m the woman and friend that will back you up any day anytime. I’m the friend that will tell you the truth because I love you. I’m the friend that will not sugarcoat  because I’m real.  I’m the friend that will run to comfort you at anytime of the day or anytime of the night. I’m the woman and I’m the friend that feels your pain when you’re in pain. I’m the friend that will go to extra mile to make you happy.  I’m the friend that you when we’re apart you’ll forever have a friend. I’m the woman and friend that loves honestly and who is your confidence. I’m the friend that pushes you and see your potential.  The friend that you can trust although trusting men is dangerous.  I am the one that you can confide in and not spread your words.  I’m a woman friend who’s not afraid or to proud to right my wrong. I’m the friend that I want to make sure if this friendship ends and I’ve done everything I could to rectify it and to show you that I’m sorry.  I’m not afraid to admit to my mistakes. I’m impeferfect, I don’t always get the above right every single time. But I’m the woman and friend, who strive to be all of the above. Because I would want all the above.

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