Depression: hours convincing yourself to shower! Disgusting you say? Understand it.

718F692B-674C-46F2-B5FE-1BC274A04FC7Waking up and have don’t have the desire or interest in anything.  Dealing with depression paralyzes you, where you don’t want to even get out of bed. Sometimes, it’s a duty to get out of bed, brush your teeth.

No desire to shower. It is disgusting and it is bad hygiene. A person with depression, it may be a huge task to accomplish that day or for days. That is the reality for someone that suffers from severe depression.

From experience, it’s frustrating to have that conversation with yourself. Pushing yourself. Convincing yourself to take off your clothes, turn the water on, take the wash clothes and soap. More energy is require to wash your body.

when you break in down, on a good day or for a person that doesn’t have to deal with that challenge.  Taking a shower, it’s something you would normally look forward to. On a bad a day, mhmh!!! It’s hard, hard enough that you are adding more stress to yourself just to take care of yourself. Make sense!

My Mental Memoirs

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