Dear Diary: Intimate Conversation With My God

A29A2F00-095B-4FEB-B5E6-0C0074192B5FFather; I’ve come so close. Not once, not twice, but many times. Yet, you keep holding me here. Why do you keep bringing me back? I understand! The children you have given, I’m responsible to raise. I love them with all my heart. They are my greatest gifts from you. This ailment I’m fighting, sometimes gets the best of me. I need strength from you to overcome it. I fail you everyday. Bringing praise to you and giving glory to your name, Is what I live for. But I’m fighting so many fights. I blows coming from so many directions. I have so many distractions. The enemy wants me to turn my back to you. But I fight my best. Still I fall, yet you help me back up. You are such a great God and the only true God and I Love you so much . I’m begging you to please show me the way. Please, help me I have so many fights I can’t fight on my own. Is this a test? I just want a measure of peace. Please, father. Grant me a measure of peace, just a measure.

My Mental Memoirs

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