Does you abscen makes a difference?

BAB881CB-723C-460B-8FAD-B1A85265FE37Sometimes  when you’re in a relationship, or marriage. After being in a relationship for certain length of time. At one point on person became invisible from the other. They can find themselves in separate part of the house for hours. Sleeping  in different beds worst one might spent days out without the person knowing where they are.

It is a very sad case and hurtful situation to be in. We found most time, the couple feel stuck in a unhappy situation. Why? Because they have something more than time that bonds them together. Either let children, or house, lease of home or a car. In those situations, a lot of emotional stress is Involved. As a result could create more tension and turn that relationship for the worst.

in a cave like this it’s best to cause all ties as soon as possible with  having a mature conversation on things going to work front that point on.

Now, if children are involved, that is a totally different conveesation. As the kids are the main ones that will be affected this a more thourogh plan making the children priority.


P.S. Lina, ME

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