Dear Social Media;

C534A279-75FD-4086-937E-C3E1644017BF Dear: Social media, I get the message when you like and when you don’t like. I just want to make you aware, I received your message loud and clear and wanted to deliver a clear message to you. Hope it’s clear as crystal ☝🏽😉

A I use social media more and more to promote my blog and to bring traffic. I observed something from followers that I know personally, i.e. family and frienss. I find that they will only like certain post and not others.

I feel as the discern which post there are validating or not, it started to affect me in a negative way. Because I find my self relying on them to like what gong to post for my blog. The fact that I give a sneak peak of what’s being published.

I felt compelled to let them know to whom ever  it converts, I don’t need your approval by liking and not liking and I got that message. But I also I have a message. I don’t care, because I know now who’s really supporting my blog. Just an observation!


P.S. you’re validation is not needed, Lina

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