Vegetables Everyday!!! Am I going to turn into a veggie tree?

942F9FD3-FE16-4E89-9231-73C4A5682924 You think I might turn into veggie tree someday…Haha.. Haha!! I just might. I so strongly believe in eating veggies everyday, it’s like a way of life almost. I’ve always been like that for as long as I can remember. I learned to detached myself from fries and soda since high school. I learned to detaches myself from eating carbs everyday all day after high school. I still eat them, I developed a healthy relationship with them in moderation. Until, now I’m trying really hard to adopt the Keto life style. Being “Ketoliscious” I call it. I love it.. I do miss certain of my favorites such as sweet potatoes, brown rice etc.. although very healthy but they spike up insulin. Since I have thyroid issues my metabolism is not so friendly. Any-who, its preference how one chooses to eat healthy. I plan to reintroduce some healthy carb in eating lifestyle because of the way I work out. If you follow me you would know I workout almost like an athlete. 5-6 days a week bootcamp, personal training and run sometimes all twice a day. My body needs high quality protein and carbs so I’m not destroying my muscles rather than burning up the fat. I love working out it’s my coping mechanism with my stressful life.. More to come on my eating lifestyle and fitness. Follow me for more 💪🏽🥑🍅🌶🥓🥗🏃🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️

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