Traveling On This Empty Road!

A4155AFC-9FCF-4958-A5C1-64EF5F0B8959This empty road, pure silence. Just me and my thoughts. Chills come over me, my thoughts gets louder and louder as I walked on this empty road. It was cold and beautiful, each time I breathe the air was so crisp. I love the feel of the chill wind against my face. I breathe the crisps cold air and exhale it out. The peace and quietness was incredible. But my thoughts would not allow me to enjoy it. My thoughts became louder and louder as I walk this empty road. I force my mind to focus on my breathing, to focus on this beautiful view and breeze against my face and this silence like no other. My thoughts demanded to speak out. It says: who have really love you? You gave all your love away, that’s why I can’t remain silent. Who have ever love you back? While you thought you were being loved, you were being manipulated and being abused. You have been vulnerable all your life. You’ve always trust fast. Because you’re trustworthy. You’ve always believe instantly because you are reliable and loyal. You have always seen the figurative of what you lacked little girl, what you never received, what you urged for what you needed to help you grow what you needed to make you wise what you needed to love yourself what you needed to have self worth. It continues to say: stop punishing yourself. You and yourself have been conflicting among yourselves. It’s not your fault that you have you and you’re self to settle matters. You didn’t ask for it. What started as a nice quiet walk on this empty road became very loud and disturbed. While the empty beautiful road it’s still empty and quiet, no one else could hear. So I stopped to listen, and the voice became calmer and soothing because I started to really listen to what was been said. It continues to say: you are loved by few, you are learning to love yourself once you love yourself completely you will be love by many. You have love yourself enough to have that inner peace on this empty road you’re traveling. The road will remain beautiful it will remain silence. Until you have peace within yourself, disturbance and chaos will always be side by side with you.

P. S. From somewhere deep down, Lina. Me:

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