A different prospective; Part Of Me: The Meditation Of My Heart❤️


At times you fall down on your knees and cry out and scream out Jehovah!!!!!!
Please help me to stay in your arm and do not let me fall. Well, “That’s Me”. I’m open book, I wear my feelings on my shoulders. I love Jehovah, I tell you what! True love and loving relationship involves a lot of sacrifices, a lot of things that does not benefit you, doing a lot of things, that you almost can’t stand life itself. If anyone want to experience the love Jehovah God and Jesus has for you. Try loving them back!!! That’s why we have life, because they suffered so much for us. So having to do some uncomfortable things we don’t quite agree with. Those things are temporary and the reward is greater than we can imagine. Living happy forever on earth in paradise and being perfect with everyone around us being perfect. Nothing great comes easy… miserable woman I am, Jehovah knows best. Serving Jehovah and having a relationship with the true God is not for the weak but he carries you with it. The world offers temporary happiness that’s comes with bad results and permanent most of the times.. Anyways… JW.ORG everybody.. Do some digging for your self!! The meditation of my heart🙏🏼❤️

2 thoughts on “A different prospective; Part Of Me: The Meditation Of My Heart❤️

  1. Toni Jacobs says:

    Beautifully written … regardless of how imperfect we are , Jehovah loves us and knows we are from dust .. yet He have his son ! His only son who dies so our miserable selves have the awesome hope of living forever the way Adam and Eve would have had they not disobeyed. Gods purpose for us living forever on earth hasn’t changed . And as you stated , it’s not easy , no not one bit ! If it was easy , then that sacrifice would mean nothing .

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