Get Your Protein & Enjoy It Too👅 Yum!

8968FD4B-AED3-40B5-90FD-C889280A4A89Protein is important and must have, as you get older and especially if you are exercising, in particular; lifting.  What most people think about protein? It doesn’t taste good, it has a griddy taste, I have to chalk it down…etc, yaya.. How about turn it into a deliscious healthy snack. Not possible! Try that recipe. I worked out today. I did bootcamp, I didn’t feel like drinking my protein today. I have been craving ice cream. So I decided to get both of my dose in one. No kidding, it was deliscious. You don’t have to kill your self to find healthy snacks and to get your protein a duty. Play around with what you have. Don’t have the macros on this recipe. But I assure you, if you practice moderation. Your results will be amazing with consistency and patience. I’m not a health coach, or a nutritionist. Just a girl on a journey and learning to be healthy and love her body and treat it right. I love to share.. join me in my journey.

P.S. Lina, Me


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