Dear Diary#3 Letter of forgiveness From: “The Little Girl” To: Whom she belongs

D8AC1724-F93C-458E-AC78-254B82DB8AF8Dear Diary#3. The little girl forgives you for all the pain You have cause her since she entered this world. She forgives you for how you treated her and beat her senseless. You never treating her the same as the others. You never treated her as one of your own. All her life the little girl wondered, is she one of yours?

The little girl could hardly function as an adult. Sometimes, it’s because of all the things that She has experienced with you.
Today, is the day. The day the little forgives you. The little girl forgives you for not being there when she needed you.

The little girl forgives you for the damage you’ve cause her with your words. The words that makes her feel less than dirt. She is now a woman and have children of her own.

The little will probably never forget. However, The little girl forgives you for her sake and for her beautiful children. Because she’s a woman now and a mother. The little says, she’s not going to spend the rest of her life drowning in your misery of the Past.

You obviously couldn’t be woman enough to help her get through this. The little wants you to know she has been praying for you and for herself. Whether you read this or not. That little girl is doing you and herself a favor.

That little girl wants to share with you she is done being unhappy. She said I am of being shackled. She is done being angry and then she no longer scared Or afraid of you or anyone or anything. She is done trying to figure out things that are not important. She is done trying to get your approval like the others. She is no longer trying to change things that’s not important.

The little girl is sending you a special message. She is ready to find her happiness. She is ready to love herself and so she can love others. She Is ready to embrace all that life have to offer and all the wonderful opportunities that may come her way. She is no longer your prisoner. She is free of you.

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary#3 Letter of forgiveness From: “The Little Girl” To: Whom she belongs

  1. Toni Jacobs says:

    What hurt young children can feel . Pain and trauma , hatred and tears .. The little girl or boy can carry incredible amount of pain around for years . Feeling damaged possibly . So many times asking why ? What that now grown child has found the courage and strength to do is forgive . Is it easy ? Not at all . Yet if that now grownup child doesn’t forgive and let go that hatred and hurt will eat at that person like the horrible disease that it is. I call is the disease of Satan . Never would he want forgiveness to happen . Never ! Yet this now grown up little girl was able to rise above it all , leaving her in a much better space . A space to teach others , a space to love freely not asking anything back in return … and for that , this now grown child can move on . Don’t worry Satan and all your evil for your days are numbered and quite short . One thing I know for sure is you won’t win this one anymore! This now grown child has found her place . She shows love to us all and cares deeply for her creator . The past doesn’t go away , we may not even forget it , but what happened is when you can truly forgive – it no longer controls your every moment . And that is what I think forgiveness can bring a broken child … the courage and wisdom
    to not allow that anger and hurt to control every minute of your life ! It takes courage which you’ve found . What an amazing little girl and awe inspiring adult that child has become 🙏🏼

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    • Herline Faustin Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      😢😢 I wrote this almost 8 years I never did send it to her. Thank you for your kind words. I do love people genuinely even if it means we have to part for the sake of others around. I do forgive. Sometimes it’s just learning a lesson not to become that kind of person. I’m my own worst enemy and critic. Until I knows that I’ve done all I could my conscious won’t let me breathe. There’s a lot more where that come from. It’s a project in a making maybe one day I can get some of my writing publish who knows. For now my reward is the from the ones like you that makes me feel what I’m doing is not in vain. Thank you and I love you


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