Me: I Have Rheumatoid Athritis. Jane Doe: Oh! My Grandmother has that! Education Is Everything.We


How many of us that has been entertained in a conversation as the one above. Rheumatoid Athritis (RA) is one of the many autoimmune diseases. It is not, the same as Athritis.

Rheumatoid Athritis is a serious illness, yet not visible just like it’s counterparts. Such as Fibromialgia, lupus, Multiple Sclorosis (MS) and many others. Base on many conversations with my doctors. Individuals who are diagnosed with one are prone to be diagnosed with another.

As a patient of three different autoimmune illnesses. I can personally attest, you don’t know how you are going to feel from one minute to the next. Fatigue can attack you suddenly. The worst is having inflammation that makes you feel like a statue because your joint are so stiff and painful.

Rheumatoid Athritis (RA). There are many Treatments in the market these days. To help slow down the degeneration effect of on your joints. However, like most treatments, there’s so many side effects.

For example, the treatment I’m currently on could affects my sight. Just to paint the picture for you about my sight. I have poor sight, I wear contacts and glasses. I have had bells palsy which is paralization on one side of your face where you lose mobility. It literally mimic a stroke for the exception its only on one side of the face. In my case, it was the right side of my face.

In addition, the treatment could affect my sight so severely. Therefore, I have to see a specialist every year to get a special test done to check my sight on a more deeper level.

It’s so important we educate ourselves. We can empathize with our love ones that are dealing with those illnesses. If it is us, we can help ourselves and advocate for ourselves. We know our bodies better than anyone. Make sense!

P.S. Lina, Me

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