Living In My Truth, I’m Only Human! Goodbye January…Hello February…

Hey, don’t judge how I look when I’m getting some good sleep. At least I’m not drooling, Hahaha!!! Photograph credit by my 2 year old princess toddler!!!


Goodbye January, Hello February. I have to firstly give credit to beautiful 2 year princess for taking picture of me with my phone while I’m sleeping. Her aim to wake me up did work, as always. However, shortly after, we both took a nap. What is up with these millennial babies, they are super intelligent, mine definitely is.

I wanted to end the year with writing the last journal of the month by putting it out there to my fellow travelers. I did a live video requesting, if anyone would like for me to write about a specific topic relating to Mental Disorder or Autoimmune Chronic Illnesses. I had one person joined the live, a fellow traveler.

Hence, I was not diss appointed. We had a lovely chat about being bloggers and the things we have in common. Speaking of encouragement. During the chat, I decided I was going to journal about Mental Disorder & impulse. Something that I’ve struggle with.

At times, I experience sudden fatigue from have autoimmune I’llness. I suddely, got very fatigue and couldn’t keep my eyes open. My beautiful 2 year old princess toddler love taking pictures just liked her mom. Not to mention taking selfies and surprise pictures of me with my own phone and her tablet. Tsk, Tsk Tsk, shaking my head at my mini me.

To continue, I received a DM from one of my fellow travelers and sister in the faith. We chatted for a while and best of all thank me for this educational platform that I provide for the ones that are illed and their love ones. Of course that always melt my heart, when someone tells me how much this is helping them. In her case she is one that is affected by someone who is ill with MD. It was a very touching conversation, which really encourage me to continue with this work.

Unfortunately, I was able to write my journal the end the month about MD & Impulse. I was extremely fatigued. In all, I have to listen to my body. I have had really bad experience with pushing myself when my body is telling me it needs rest.

Thats my advice to everyone, please listen to your body. If you don’t, your body will force you to listen, and that you don’t want, believe me.

Welcome February, it’s the first of the month. Greatlfu and thankful to Jehovah God for life and my family and friends.

To be continued, make February a marvelous month. Squash anyone that’s trying to take your joy away like a bug.

P.S , Lina, Me

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