Seek Treatment & Be Consistent With Your Mental Disorder Medication Treatment

91C9074E-4092-4984-9B5F-81459B21A9B9 No matter what we base our beliefs on, I trust we can agree, when we are sick we would seek treatment in order to feel better. Or in some cases manage the illness for relief. Either by going to the pharmacy to buy (OTC) over the counter medication or go to the doctor.

A reliable source, I have found to be useful for me is God’s words the Bible. In which I base my faith on and the reason I’m still here living and not dead. That reliable source, states that “if someone is ill, they should seek treatment”.

Hence, mental disorder treatment medications may have to be change from time to time.  Just like any other medication for medical illnessses.  Our body can get use to that medication. However, we have to be honest with our doctors, in order to find something else that works for us.

The same is true for mental disorder medication treatment.  It is highly important that we communicate honestly with our doctors as well.  We want to tell them how we feel mentally and physically with the medication or medications. That’s the only way they will know to prescribe something that may work better for us.

It is very important that, we don’t simply stop our medications, because we feel it’s not working or we feel great. No, the doctors may not get it right the first time, the second or the third time. Unfortunately, mental disorders are not curable in most cases.  It is a disorder that has to be managed.

Fellow travelers, until we may have other options or as in my faith believe that God will one day relieve mankind from all pain and suffering. We need to be active and participate in our treatments so it would benefit us no matter what happens.

P.S. Lina, Me, Mental Disorder Patient…..


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