Who Told You Not To Cry? You Are Not Allow To Stay There!

7075CF1E-E7F0-41F5-BCB4-934E0C9E34C5 You’re not allowed! Who says don’t cry? who says you’re not allowed to feel down? Who says you’re not allowed to go in the dump? what matters, is that after you get it all out. there’s no more tears, nothing for you to break there’s nothing for you to slam. there’s no more voice because you screamed it out. There’s no more breath for you to take because you’re out of it. Then, you get up. You move away from. you allowed to go there, but what you are not allowed to do is stay there. Find another focus give that project a project that you can’t accomplish now a break and work on something else. Maybe that something else is more important than the first project. Later again you will try again and you will succeed. Don’t be a shame. Everybody has their time, this is your time. The stronger you try to become when you need to have that break down. The weaker you will get. when you allow yourself to have the breakdown you allow your body to go through the motions and the emotions that you need to get out then you gain your strength from that. The days or the day that you were down those shall pass. They will be a memory. You might not even remember them because you’re focusing on something else. Whats more important get up now that you are done with the gutter and keep positive and move forward. You are not allow to stay there.

P.S. Lina, Me

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