Today Is Leaving: Tomorrow Is A New Day!

34C8C6E0-F04A-4048-8ECA-6227CF15F39EI went to the library and checked out a book to read. Trying to get back to the love I have of reading. I got information for my princess to go for reading time at the library. Very important to give children that exposure at an early age. Especially if they show a love for reading. I continue to work on my project. I prayed to God Jehovah from when I woke up and throughout the day to help me with anxiety in crowd in every task that was inevitable. I told my children I love them and kissed up on them. Shared some of my eating life style journey, way of living. ****We don’t have to accomplish all, complete one task is enough if that’s all you could do. Today is leaving, tomorrow is a new day*******

P.S, Lina, Me

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