The Song That Speaks Of Me

13A73E89-99F1-4157-9F87-1335C63AD8C0A song speaks Of me give me voice speaking of words wish could speak of what I once lost and never gain. Echoed words I once live in words unable to speak. A song of my now unable to explain my own. The words utters my voice. These tears have no meaning.
tears of pain tears of loss that once belong as the song goes on they take on new meaning deeper feelings. unexplainable wordings only my heart can feel the beating of each chord stringing. Each song I hear with all true meaning. it’s of me my true existing, the feelings of my existing. at Times it hurts. hurts so bad I fade to the other existing transparent to my true existing. embodied my life with confusion. pain is to much the skin of heart is ripping. all i live is love existing to the other assured of being accepted. Emotions just keep flowing emotional scarring that has no healing.

P.S. Lina, Me

2 thoughts on “The Song That Speaks Of Me

  1. Toni Jacobs says:

    Music … words , chords , beats , rhythms .. music has a way of healing , can be a universal language all it’s own and can break a heart . Music can lift you up and drop you down … can make you laugh , dance and even cry …I suppose that’s why music touches all of us in so many ways . We can march to our own beat . Dance our own dance . Sing along and whistle a tune . Words . Chords . I think music can heal as well as hurt . One thing I know for sure is that it also allows me to sing praises to my Heavenly Father… Music is powerful . It can soothe little babies and heal when feeling sick . Imagine a world without it ? I can’t ..That would be to painful .. even when a song can tear me down …. there is also a song that can take me to a most beautiful place and for that , I’m grateful ….

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