Sweet For My Sweet: Dessert Keto life style collection

F17E9269-31B0-440E-BFE5-CBC7FFD57DE8I have been on th Keto venture for about 4 months strong. I’m still experiencing minor relapses with the food that’s not keto approve lifestyle. Even with the relapses, along with exericing, it has benefit me in so many ways. It is not a lifestyle that’s for everyone. I’m still adjusting to the lifestyle, due to my high and lows of depression and anxiety.  I normally do well all day, I’m strong will and focus and in control. However, at night when the kids are asleep and it’s quiet. It’s just me and my thoughts and my chaos, I tend to give in by eating to comfort me. Sometimes, I will win the fight, other times I lose. Then, morning come! And it’s me and thoughts again. This time, I’m my own worst enemy, I feel so guilty for my actions the night before. I can’t undo it, but I wish I could. Afterall, the point is, these little bombs are emergencies. It help me to make to have access to something healthier than what would’ve eating if I didn’t have it.

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