“Prisoner Within Me”

BD2D40C4-7968-4267-BB3B-95B048E5EBF5For the past few months I’ve a prisoner in my own mind and in my own home because of my anxiety disorder. It’s keeping from everything and everywhere I love to be. I started to fight back slowly. I started to attend my spiritual meetings physically and not listen in on the phone which a wonderful provision by Jehovah. I’m a people person, I love being around people. Anyone that knows me really well knows, I love to laugh a lot, I love to talk, a lot…so they say!!! Anywho!!! I’m taking a stand and fight harder. The one place that helps me with my anxiety I’ve also being kept captive from: “The gym”. Anyone that knows me knows I love fitness, I love weight lifting, exercising. I get a rush from it. So I’m breaking that wall. Sometime you have to change your environment, they scenery, the view, to gain more strength. I think Jehovah for every bit of strength he gives me. I’m taking a stand today to fight harder. I HAVE anxiety, Anxiety DOESN’T HAVE me!!! Going to different direction, a different view and different challenge for fitness. Which in turn will bring down my anxiety to ashes.💯🙌🏽🏋🏽‍♀️ SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE “ sucker”!

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