HITT Training Video from tonight . Pushing through the pain. The pain of depression & anxiety.

“Welcome to my journey, where the unpredictable happens”

Today, I allowed my situation to get the best of me. It was one of those situation where you have to pick your battles. So you, my fellow travelers knows it had to cut deep. I dealt with it the best way I know how. I took in prayer to God. And I left it there. But the pain remains. I had 6 o’clock training schedule thereafter run 8 miles with the running club. That’s what I do every Tuesday night. Throughout the day, I wasn’t able to keep myself up. I was fighting to stay up. My body wanted to sleep . These days that’s how my brain choose to deal with my depression or whatever that I’m experiencing that I need protection from. I manage to get to may primary doctor though. I didn’t have good news since I went there with complain of back pain and uncomfortable ruination . Yess, TMI. I have a bladder infection , needs to be on antibiotics and muscles relaxers. But thats not the end of it. I have to follow up with so many other specialist that ends with IST’s. I have many of those. But I was determine to make appointment . For one , I don’t wan to waist my money. Secondly, I need this for my overall health. So, here I’m sharing what my trainer Mallory workout plan was for me tonight at TrueGrit Fit. This workout was done 3 times in sets. That was not my best. I was so drained from the situation I’m dealing g with that drags me to be depress and anxious. Anyone that’s into fitness, you know if your mind is weak you’re not going to be at your best. But Mallory is a great trainer and she knows my potentials so she didn’t let me give up on myself. I love her she’s amazing and we get along very well. Well folks, I wasn’t able to run. I didn’t have it in me. I wanted to do badly, but I knew if I went I wouldn’t make the 8 miles tonight. At times you have to be realistic with you’re self. To be continued, this is. It the end. I’ll be back for Boot Camp tomorrow morning @ 5:45am. I plan to run with the running club another day. There’s more running days, just have to check the calendar and make it up. For one thing I love the way my physic is looking so far. Everything is starting to shape exactly how I want it. Thanks for sharing in my journey, this not far over. I’m enjoying the process, even if it comes with punches. That’s part of it. There’s no journey that worth taking will be easy. If you’re on a journey and you don’t experience any bumps. He journey needs to be re-evaluated. That journey is to good to be true, it is just that! Not true.

PS. ME, Lina

2 thoughts on “HITT Training Video from tonight . Pushing through the pain. The pain of depression & anxiety.

  1. Toni Jacobs says:

    I’m so sorry Lina that yesterday was such a battle . Seems sometimes that’s everyday anymore . Something you said stayed with me and that was that one must be realistic with oneself . Since you already had a full plate before you even started , I admire everything that you accomplished yesterday! You were being not only realistic, but you were being honest with yourself . Everything you share helps me to push on just a little more and for that I thank you ☺️. Remember change is constant . Thankfully this is so because I can’t imagine always feeling in that dark place . I keep reminding myself this too shall pass . I hope today is a little better than yesterday for you and all of us who know that place … being mindful of change being constant. You’re loved and admired and certainly not alone . This is temporary and in time will get better . Keep fighting the good fight ! We must !

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