My thoughts?!!!

I don’t know what was thinking about! But I know it had to awesome…. find your awesomeness. It’s there,, I’m telling you. A138E70A-4F5C-4555-8E35-9851A4CFF3EE

2 thoughts on “My thoughts?!!!

    • Herline Faustin Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      Thank you. Looks can be deceiving. However I have been feeling better since starting this blog and staying on my treatment. But most of all my relationship with God is what completes me. That’s an ongoing effort to get back on track. It’s very difficult I have a lot of challenges that I don’t mention or write about on the blog. That’s because the blog is about uplifting as a person and being positive through different life issues health and etc.. Our relationship with God and the things his enemy throws at us is personal and only him can deal with that. I don’t take God’s work in my own hands I try not to anyways. I’m not perfect, the blog is neutral. A lot of the friends in faith has found it helpful and a place of safety that they can express themselves and know they are not alone. Because of the way that people looks at mental illness. So it’s place of safety for all of us that are not understood. Stay on the journey don’t deviate. You never know!!! 😘🙌🏽💪🏽 Continue to fight. The war is not yet over.


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