I’ll call her Ms. J

533A09CE-F450-4FED-A318-1BB55A740842I met this beautiful young lady this morning at Boot Camp true grit fit. She is someone who inspire me to see how far she has come. I’ll call her Ms. J. Sometimes we start a journey, we don’t know how far it’s going to take us. We don’t know who we will meet along the way. What I appreciate about Ms.J, she shows up five days a week. Because she shows up, then what excuse do I have? I want to thank you for sharing a little bit of your journey with me. This a journey that will continue to make you happy. You will discover so much more that you didn’t know about yourself. You will have a new page day by day and write a new book. Welcome to my journey and many others and here you are!!!!

PS. Me, Lina

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