You can train your body to do what it use to do within limitations.


So proud to be part of this running team . I only can run once a week although the team runs twice a week. My joints are so stiff and painful. I don’t know the name of the human anatomy well enough to name what hurts, but it’s excruciating pain. Pills don’t fix those pain you have to move. With the group I have the support, motivation, and I can go at my own pace, you can have early turning points if gets to much. I like that I’m not left alone… I know I will get better and stronger week after week. Your body forgets very quickly when you stop doing activities. That’s its important to be consistent. That’s for after 3+ years of giving birth in nicu with toxemia, 10 days in hospital including baby with jaundice, 6 mos later coded on table during tuba ligation, sling with fibromyalgia pain rheumatoid Arthritis pain . Horrible 8 mos pregnancy while working full time, yes my health was so bad baby had to be Ced toon at 8 months. In the words of my doctor “ you’re a very sick woman “ you know you could die “. Because he was not the doc following my pregnant. That’s another nightmare story. After coded I didn’t know until two weeks later when I had my follow up. Find out with so much scar tissue my gallbladder was affected and all the scar tissues could not be removed I walked crooked for 2 weeks not knowing what happened in the surgery room. While nursing a child and running a household still with a lot of pain sleepless night from pain and baby while dealing with alllllll your mental illnesses and not medication for…. so if you read all of this you see how far my body come and still recovering my daughter will be 3 March 26. So when I’m in pain doing this it’s because I’m still recovering….There’s so much more to this. This is the cut off version not the full picture, so if I can push you can push. We do have recognize our limitations but if you can push your limits without making yourself worst and set backs! Push, you can do it too!!!!

PS. Me, Lina

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