Exciting news! Revamping the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Gallery!

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270903CC-16A2-479B-BE9B-34E5FD249BEFI’ve been thinking about revamping the food gallery I have on my site and that I blog about. As I mentioned before I’m really enjoying the keto lifestyle. However, my fitness routine needed a little tweaking with the amount of protein I consume etc… So, I decided instead of having keto gallery, I will focus on blogging and creating a healthy eating gallery that will benefit everyone.

Whether you’re low carb, diabetic, high cholesterol, paleo, vegan, vegetarian. You will find something in the gallery you can adapt to your healthy eating lifestyle. Sooooo, I was so happy to find these little goodies at Whole Foods Market. I have a sweet tooth and like a little carb here and there.

These two are winners in my book. The coconut butter spread is only 3 grams of sugar 8g carb 4g fiber which makes macros of carb only 4 g low sodium for 2 tablespoon. Calories is on the high side 203 but it’s coconut oil, so it’s the good kind of fats you would want your calories to be high on.

You will benefit more from it. The icing on the cake it’s vanilla cake batter, it has a very mild sweet taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Now the puffed cakes: made out Kamut ancient grains, it’s unsalted sugar free total gram of carb 4g and 1 gram of fiber which put your carb macros at 3g. Calories 22 for 1 cake. Winner winner winner. Can’t wait to have the new food gallery together…. yum, and keeping your health, physic yum. See!! Win win!!!

I’m not a nutritionist, or Health Care Practitioners. I’m sharing some wonderful finds and choices that I would like to share. They help me stay in good health, so I’m sharing the wealth.

PS. Me, Lina

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