My Daily Accomplishment: “The Bed”.

7060EC3C-8D42-47A8-8F00-5E571824A5C4The bed, your personal space. Where you rest your head. Where you shed many tears. Where you find comfort. Where you share intimate moments. Where is known, to be your first remedy when you’re sick.  How can the bed be a daily accomplishment? you ask!

Question from a fellow traveler: what do you do when you wake up feeling mentally immobilized?

I have been there, and continue to have those days. Most of us traveling that road, find our selves in that mental state at times. When you just there! Simply there. A body laying on the bed, feeling stiff with no life. While the brain can’t properly hold one thought, all your thoughts are scrambled so much. So much, that   Your brain is not processing at all. As a result, your lips can’t utter any words at all. You feel, immolized, simply can’t help yourself and the love ones that you need to care for. What do you?

My answer, not much. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to go through the motion, sort of  speak.  However, you are aware that you don’t want to be laying there lifeless, worthless to yourself and your family.

This is where the bed come in, do you lay in the bed. Or, you can get up and make the bed. I have found that, making your bed could set day off to a good start. Not only you have mentally able to move yourself out of the bed. Now, you take control by fixing and making your bed neat. Something about fixing the bed and make and beautify the bed change something in the brain that makes gives you a sense of accomplishment and control.

Other times, if you can spare $40-50 dollars. Buying a beautiful colorful set of sheets or bedspread give you that rush. When you dress the bed with that new set. It feels like you purchased a new dress and new shoes. And you can’t wait to put them on and fix your hair. In some sense, you get the same feeling laying on the bed with a book. Whatching your show you like or even just looking at how pretty and conformtable it look. You did that! You made it beautiful and that’s an accomplishment.

Hence, you may not spend the rest of The completely functional. You may not be able to complete everything you would like to accomplish that day. The whole point is, “The bed” is your complishment today! If you are able to do that everyday. You should be proud of yourself everyday.

P.S. Lina, Me

2 thoughts on “My Daily Accomplishment: “The Bed”.

  1. Gini Nyam says:

    Thank you. I’ve been Making the bed more often. When you’re in that state of mind sometimes you fail to forget you’re not the only one going through it. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone and that when those days happen, if all I can do is to make the bed… it’s okay to look at it as an accomplishment. We tend to be so harsh and critical on ourselves rather than showing ourselves love and compassion. Pls keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing an awesome job. I really appreciate this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Herline Faustin- Amegbletor aka Lina says:

      Thank, my fellow travelers keeps me going because we are on the road together. Two is better one. We and I are stronger


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