Trying a new detox, I’ve wanted to try for years..

88DA2B97-CA25-4E18-B6B1-F08B993A39C8I’ve been wanted to try this drink for years. I’ve heard about it from my older sister and many others. I’ve never tried it because I know how each ingredients taste on their own. The combination, I don’t like so much.

I watched a video on YouTube today describing that’s its a detox. I’m all for detox and natural detox even better. At this point, I need to kick it up a notch with a detox. Especially eating keto, you don’t want to end up with a fatty liver.

Because, you have to eat a lot veggies but some fats as well. I.e good fats, such as MCT oil, Kerrygold butter, etc….Soooo!!!!I’m going to make myself accountable HERE!!!!to try it for a week.

Yuck yuck in the words of my princess… I don’t want it!!!! But I’m one to try something that has health benefits without the benefit of making my palettes do the chacha dance. But I will be doing the yuck yuck dance every night. I’ll check in later when I’m making this drink!

Will follow up later with me making and trying this drink later….

later….P.S, Me

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