New year resolution = to failure.

3737BBEA-CF5E-48DE-A5FD-4123D9989BBC  New year resolution = to failure. New year resolution= to missing out on opportunities. It should be attainable goals. It shouldn’t be chasing after wealth, it should be about being more productive. Productivity within yourself that allows you to work on yourself. Not becoming like another person or meeting a quota on yourself. How much of your heart is into making a difference If that’s the case.

Sometimes, it’s the ongoing, gradual work that makes the best impact. Allow yourself to be the best you. Why wait for a new year to accomplish anything or everything?

Opportunity comes in any day in any minute, don’t wait for another year. Growth should be ongoing everyday. Growth should be manifest in every aspect of your life. Every pieces of you makes you who you are. You don’t put a puzzle together by finding one perfect piece at a time do you?

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